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What We Fund

The purpose of Cycling Grants London is to encourage London’s diverse communities to cycle more often and cycle more safely. Cycle Grants London offers grants to projects, of up to £10,000 over a three year period.

Cycling makes people healthier and happier and it is an affordable, green and fun way to get around and explore the city. Just ask anyone you know who currently frequently cycles!

London is fast becoming a cycling city and Cycling Grants London wants to make sure all Londoners benefit from the joys of cycling, regardless of their background or situation. Often people don’t cycle because they lack the opportunity, information, skills, confidence or motivation to do so; or because they do not have access to a bicycle or the means to maintain it. Cycling Grants London supports community organisations that work with those who need encouragement and support to get them cycling. If you have an idea to inspire and support people in your community to cycle more often and cycle more safely, Cycling Grants London may be able to support you!

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